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Stephen is Ottawa's premier 3D print artist.  He uses a commercial quality 3D printer to make solid models of his artwork.  Stephen has been working with artistic 3D design and printing since 2010.  Some of  his work has been displayed at the Ottawa Art Gallery and Cailuan Gallery in Cornwall. 


Stephen's artwork is digital 3D, so it can be used for computer wallpaper, printed on paper or canvas, or used to make solid plastic models.  He has created action figures that combine the body and pose of a super hero with the facial appearance of his client.

The inspirations for his 3D artwork typically come from real world subjects, although some subjects are purely figments of his imagination.  Stephen's 3D artwork encompasses anything from the mundane to the exotic, and some works have a story line behind them.

Commissioned artwork available, in digital, traditional print, and 3D printed plastic formats.

Stephen Burke
Ottawa's Premier
3D Print Artist

 3D Artwork

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