I plan on being at the Cornwall Bridal Show (February 24), CAPE 2019 in Cornwall (April), Ottawa Comiccon (May) and Fan Expo Toronto (August 2019). I am usually a guest or exhibitor at these conventions.

Please contact me if you would like me to be a guest at your convention; I usually do presentations about 3D artwork and how 3D technologies are used in the entertainment industry.

I am also working on the formative process for the production of a graphic novel combining horror with a bit of dark comedy: vampires and cheerleaders and jocks - oh my!  This is not your usual thriller, the villain is a sympathetic character, while the heroes are hidden and not so likable.

Another project, as if I don't have enough on my "to do" list, is the completion of the 13 part series I started in 1984.  With the software tools now available, the both the text and artwork can be digitally produced.


Stephen Burke
Ottawa's Premier
3D Print Artist

 3D Artwork

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